Mctimoney Animal Chiropractic and Equine Craniosacral therapist based in Cumbria, and covering surrounding areas in the north west, providing tailor-made therapy for your animal.

Rachel offers a holistic treatment that combines chiropractic and craniosacral techniques. It is a gentle but effective therapy for musculoskeletal problems in animals, however it is also beneficial as part of a maintenance programme to help keep your animal in optimum condition.
Rachel works alongside veterinarians and other professionals to provide a safe, appropriate and effective treatment for your animal.

Treatment summary 
Animals suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems and they can benefit from McTimoney and Craniosacral treatment.
Both The McTimoney and Craniosacral therapy are gentle techniques that look at the body as a whole focusing on any tension and discomfort rather than the symptoms the animal presents. Mctimoney chiropractic helps your animal to restore its natural range of motion by realigning the spine and balancing the musculoskeletal system, Craniosacral therapy compliments this further by helping alleviate areas of muscular tension within the body paying particular attention to the head, which aids in restoring balance and optimising health and performance. 
About Rachel

Having owned horses and dogs for over 20 years, l have always been keen to pursue a career working with animals, with a specific interest in animal health. After completeing a degree from the University of Liverpool with a BSc (hons) in Animal Behaviour, it was obvious that physiology was the direction I wanted to go. However, it wasnt until I had a bad riding accident that caused me to seek help for my own back that I was introduced into the world of spinal therapy, through holistic healing and the benefits of Mctimoney chiropractic. After experiencing this unique treatment I felt it was a natural progression to continue my career by completeing a MSc in Animal Manipulation from the Mctimoney College of Oxford, progressing with an additional course in Equine Craniosacral therapy to provide a truly whole body treatment, literally from head to toe! 
I have been involved with horses and dogs my whole life, and I am passionate about helping you to provide the best care for your animals. As a member of the McTimoney Animal Association, I am dedicated to providing a professional and caring service to all my clients, great and small!



Rachel is a member of the Mctimoney Animal Association and is fully insured. The treatment is pet insurance approved.
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Rachel Hamer Mctimoney Animal Chiropractic and Equine Craniosacral Therapist
14 Birkfield Rd, Windermere. Cumbria.LA23 2AT
Telephone: 07841 525 217
Email: rachel@mctimoneynorthwest.co.uk
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