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John Mctimoney developed his technique in the 1950s and founded the college in the 1970s. he had studied the art of the human chiropractic technique for many years before transferring his method onto animals. The technique has continued to be taught at the McTimoney school of chiropractic in Abingdon, oxford. The course is the only validated one of its kind in Europe on which student enrol in an extensive three-year course graduating with a MSc in Animal Manipulation. Upon completion of the course candidates are qualified to practise manipulative therapies for animals.





    Mctimoney treatment:  


 Like people, all animals are susceptible to injury or musculoskeletal problems throughout their life, no matter what age or discipline they are in and there are a variety of reasons why this may occur.


 The McTimoney treatment is a gentle holistic technique, it looks at the body as a whole focusing on any pain and discomfort rather than the symptoms the animal presents. A chiropractic session can help the animal to restore its natural range of motion by realigning the spine and balancing the musculoskeletal system, optimizing the ability of the individual by reducing discomfort and tension. 




The musculoskeletal system comprises of the skeleton, which is essentially the framework of the animal, and the muscular system which also includes other soft tissue (ligaments and tendons), both providing structure and stability. The skeletal framework houses the spinal cord within the spinal column, exiting between each spinal vertebra are nerves that innervate the muscular system. In conjunction with each other, the two systems are responsible for movement and well-being. A misalignment of a joint will cause restriction within that area impinging the nerve and reducing blood flow causing discomfort and hanges of behaviour. 

A lot of human chiropractic manpulations include "bone cracking" and i oftern get asked how do I manage to "bend a horses spine and crack its spine?!" Well the simple answer is, I don't!! Not only would this be completely impractical and gravely difficult I'm not sure it would be greatly recieved either!! Therfore, gentle manipulations are applied to areas of spinal dysfunction in order to restore natural range of motion and improve optimal performance by removing discomfort and releasing tension in the body.  



  Some of the common symptoms chiropractic treatment can help: 


  • Stiffness 
  • Lack of mobility
  • Subluxations in the spine
  • Lameness
  • Altered locomotion
  • Recovery after injury
  • Back pain
  • Compensatory paaterns from chronic conditions
  • Limb stiffness










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